Everything was blur and unclear.


In some cases, good is enemy of self pleasure. Spoken actions were manifested not concealed. Every time human imparts opinion and build impression to the other side, people tend to conceal their main intentions. Being vocal isn’t exempted because as what this previous situation has made, everything has a meaning. From actions to words, these sections intend something and will manifest later whether consciously or subconsciously. Fall from insensitivity or merely stupidity, everyone is entitled to express and plan their process to achieve their ends.

Is it possible to wait or hope

for something that you know that surely will not happen.

Stupidity maybe, but low hopes are okay i think.

What was like to be rejected?

It was painful, Not fine,

and difficult to accept.

What was like to be moved on?

I don’t know,

not familiar.

How do you sleep with your eyes open?

Your suffocation is your choice,
your thought is your own narrative.
You. know. that. ~


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